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When does 25 equal 300?

22 Aug 2018

When browsers can’t count

This is a short video showing how many websites are actually accessed when a user opens 25 websites.


We are using a Firefox extension called light beam to visually represent the connections between the 25 websites opened by the user and over 300 sites actually accessed by the browser.

There are over 1700 cookies and associated web content delivered with these websites, this can over weeks and months accumulate into a data store that WILL seriously affect the user experience when using browsers.

This user experience degradation has the most effect on login times and data transmissions when using profile management solutions, however even standalone machines benefit from having the Web Data managed correctly.

At the time of writing the ONLY solution to managing this data bloat is Avanite WebData Control.


Brian Light (Avanite Solutions Architect)

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