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What’s new in WebData Control 4.8 SP1

25 Nov 2021

Avanite are pleased to announce the release of WebData Control 4.8 SP1.

This release focuses on customer requirements and continued compatibility.  This article provides an overview of the changes in this release.

Ivanti Environment Manager Non-Virtualized Application Group Personalization Support 

With the 2021.3 release of Environment Manager the Non-Virtualized Application Group (NVAG) Personalization feature was added.  WebData Control now has the option to support Personalization of browsers via this mechanism integrating with the new NVAG options as necessary. 

Windows 11 and Server 2022 Support 

WebData Control now supports deployment on both Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 operating systems.  Where appropriate the product features have been modified to ensure seamless operation on these newly supported operating systems.

Support for Google Chrome 96+ and Microsoft Edge Chromium 98+ cookie storage changes

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are changing the location where cookies are stored to support further sandboxing/isolation features.  WebData Control has been updated to ensure that these changes are fully supported.

Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode BHO 

With the use of Internet Explorer diminishing, where the Internet Explorer browser is still used the Enhanced Protected Mode feature is being enabled to provide additional security and protection to browser based threats.  WebData Control now provides an option to use an Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode compatible BHO to allow Browser Redirection to operate in this secure mode.

Browser Redirector New Instance policy 

The default behaviour of the WebData Control Browser Redirector is to open a new tab in an existing running browser when a redirection occurs.  In some scenario’s a new instance may be required so support has been added to allow administrators to cater for these scenario’s by the addition of a new instance policy. 

Age based browser cache retention policies 

The WebData Management feature previously had policies to retain and remove various browser cache, temporary internet files and DOM data from the browser profiles.  In this release these policies have been enhanced to allow customization of retention policies and allow for data to be retained or removed based on their last accessed times. 

Some internal and customer raised issues have also been resolved in this release.

The release is now generally available to download from the avanite website.  If you have any questions please feel to contact a member of the team who will be happy to assist!

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