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What's New in WebData Control 4.9

6 May 2022

Avanite are pleased to announce the general availability of WebData Control 4.9.


This article provides an overview of the changes in this release.  For more detailed information please see the Avanite WebData Control v4.9 Product Guide.


WebData Control Console

All previous versions of WebData Control have required configuration to be done with Group Policy ADMX templates.  In this release we are pleased to annouce we have built a WebData Control console to simplify the product setup and configuration allowing configurations to be created via the Console and installed to endpoints as .msi or .ava files.


Resource Blocking feature

A new Resource Blocking feature has been added which in its initial incarnation provides the ability to block ads in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The Ad Block capability is built using the latest manifest v3 compliant browser extensions which have automatic updating capabilities.


Automatic installation of Extensions

The Browser Redirector and Resource Blocking features require the use of browser extensions. In previous releases these extensions had to be installed via policies. WebData Control now automatically silently installs the required extensions when the relevant features are enabled.  Options are provided to allow manual installation also.


Some internal and customer raised issues have also been resolved in this release.


The release is now available to download from the Avanite website.

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