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What’s new in WebData Control 4.10

21 Mar 2023

Avanite are pleased to announce the general availability of WebData Control 4.10.


In this article we take a high level look at the updates and improvements in this release.


Simplified Deployment and Management

In a drive to make configuration, deployment and management simpler Avanite have added support for;


  • Browser Redirector and Resource Blocking browser extensions can now be installed and removed on a per browser basis ensuring a simplified deployment experience.

  • Additional options for configuration deployment which can be invoked via a Group Policy/ADMX based mechanisms;

    • WebData Control licenses can be deployed centrally to simplify License management at a configuration level.

    • Configurations can now be stored in an alternative location such as a D:\ drive in a non-persistent VDI/DaaS deployment.

    • WebData Management can be used without installing the Browser Redirector, Favorites Synchronization and Resource Blocking features.

  • Customers who use Ivanti User Workspace Manager/DesktopNow, can deploy the WebData Control agent and associated configurations in a familiar manner via the Management Center.


Browser Redirector and Enterprise Mode

WebData Control's Browser Redirector feature has been extended to add support for Enterprise Mode (IE Mode) in Microsoft Edge Chromium.  With the end of life of Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise Mode allows legacy websites to be accessed.


Using WebData Control simplifies management and deployment by providing the ability to quickly configure and seamlessly deploy changes to endpoints.  Using the Enterprise Mode feature also allows for redirection from other browsers to Microsoft Edge and IE mode websites where appropriate.


WebData Control also ensures that the latest SiteList is used at all times with the WebData Management feature allowing for complete removal of outdated Enterprise Mode data from endpoints overcoming the 65 second delay in consuming a new SiteList configuration.


Inprivate/Incognito/Private Mode Support

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide the ability to invoke InPrivate/Incognito/Private modes.  Where these modes are used browser extensions are not loaded and Browser Redirector and Resource Blocking configurations are ignored.  In this release WebData Control has added support for ensuring that these modes are supported.


Mozilla Firefox Extensions/Add-ons

The WebData Management feature has been updated to add support for managing Mozilla Firefox extensions and add-ons.  Relevant options have been added to ensure parity with the support already offered for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browsers.


Extended Event Capabilities

WebData Control events can now be granularly enabled to allow only relevant event information to be reported.  Where customers use the Management Center these events can be centrally collected as with other UWM products.


Further information on the changes can be found in the WebData Control 4.10 Product Guide.


WebData Control is available to download now from the Avanite website.

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