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Chromium Cookies and Network Data

19 Nov 2021

This is short informational blog post courtesy of the team here at Avanite.

Google Chrome v96 and Microsoft Edge Chromium v98 are changing the default location where cookies are stored in the user profile.

For Google Chrome the default location for cookies is %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\cookies.  For Microsoft Edge Chromium this is %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\cookies.

With Chrome v96 and Microsoft Edge Chromium v98 this is changing to be \User Data\Default\Network\cookies with the browser dynamically moving the existing cookie store across on the first launch of the browser after it has been upgraded.  This means that some profile management solutions will require updating to cater for this change to ensure the continued roaming of cookies for users of these browsers.

After the migration has occurred the \User Data\Default\Network folder will contain the following files:

The simplest solution to the issue is to ensure this folder is added to any include rules for these browsers.  We would however recommend that only the following files are added as includes:

  • Cookie
  • Cookies-journal
  • NetworkDataMigrated
  • Trust Tokens
  • Trust Tokens-journal

We trust this information will prove useful.  Thanks!

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