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60 Seconds With DJ Eshelman aka The Citrix Coach

3 Jul 2019
Industry friend and Citrx CTA, DJ Eshelman talks shop with our Sales & Marketing Manager, Terri Michelle Hughes  in a candid 60 second interview whilst DJ was attending Citrix Synergy in Atlanta.
What do you love about the Tech industry?
In a lot of ways, the tech industry is not just forging firsts in technology but also in inclusion, equality and opportunity.  So what that means is that the thread of "anything is possible" runs deep in multiple ways in Tech. Anything can happen!
How and when did you hear about Avanite?
First time, I will be honest that I'm not sure... but for biggest first impression- that was really at E2EVC in New York 2018. The amount of research and knowledge the team had blew me away.
What do you think is the most value add feature Avanite do?
As with so many things in tech- managing a real world problem that people often don't realize they have.
Managing the Browser is rapidly becoming the biggest pain point I see, especially in the most prevalent use cases: Non-Persistent VDI and Server Apps.  This is becoming very much true as the trend toward containerized profiles becomes more prevalent.
What do you think is the most common problem you see in Tech currently?
This is rapidly becoming my favorite & least favorite question to answer.
The most common problem I am seeing as a whole is a disconnect between user needs and the deployed technology. We should not have frustrated users given the tech we have at our disposal. Yet, perception of the technology is suffering not because of what is deployed, but HOW it is deployed.
What do you think is the most underrated trend in Tech today?
Positive People!  Seriously. It is why I want to build up Citrix Heroes! There is so much fast moving tech, that projects are overlapping and overwhelming.
There is an underground movement of people willing to encourage each other and I'm intent on bringing it to the surface!
Our thanks to DJ for giving us some time whilst out at Citrix Synergy.  You can learn more with DJ by reserving your seat at one of his upcoming Dirty Dozen webinars here.

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