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Watch our videos to find out more about Avanite and how and why WebData Control is adding intelligence to your profile management solution.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel and always keep up to date with our latest product videos.


Favorites Synchronization and Browser Redirector Working Together

This video provides an overview of how our Favorites Synchronization and Browser Redirector features can work together to give users a consistent browsing experience.





Favorites Synchronization

This video provides an overview of our Favorites Synchronization feature within WebData Control.



Browser Redirector

This video provides an overview of our Browser Redirector feature within WebData Control.





Evaluation Reporting

This video guides you through the process of logging into the Avanite Evaluation Reporting website and interpreting the results therein.



Installing Avanite WebData Control Evaluation

This video will guide you through the setup of Avanite WebData Control.  The evaluation is configured with our standard base configuration and will automatically install a 14-day trial license.  Completing the required fields during the installation will automatically sign you up to our reporting website which you will be sent a password for.  The software is configured to run in passive mode for 2 logins per user after which it will start actively managing data, giving you a true representation of before and after.




Why Microsoft Web Browsing is Becoming a Problem

In this video we will demonstrate how to access the results of your WebData Control evaluation. We will cover how to obtain your login credentials for accessing the site, the information available to you, and how to export the report in PDF format.


Adding Intelligence to Profile Management

Understand why Avanite's WebData Control is only solution available that actively manages browser data for enterprises.




The Downside of Web Data

This video illustrates the problems enterprise businesses are facing daily caused by web data delivered to your user profiles.


What is Web Data?

Learn more about what web data is and how it affects your enterprise business environments.